Living Well

Another key part of good living with CML is living well. This means that while it is important to recognize that managing your CML should be an important part of your life, your CML should not be the one thing that totally manages your life. As much as possible, avoid becoming a prisoner to your illness. You can live, and live well, with CML.

So, while respecting the limits of what your body can handle and recognizing your fatigue levels, go ahead and do most of the things you enjoy, as much as you can. Even if there are certain things you can’t do as strenuously or as often as you did before, don’t abandon them completely – you’ll feel far better for it!

Get out and enjoy the company of friends and family. Enjoy travel and new experiences. As with anyone, these diversions will help you emotionally a great deal.

Once you are stabilized and on a good treatment regimen, you can enjoy a lot of good living with CML!